Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Price Lists

All prices are VAT included.

Prices can be changed at any time without previous warning.

All promotions are well identified with SALE

Vouchers do not constitute any real credit over Inlineout and can only be transformed into a real benefit when used meaning when buying something. Vouchers can be used accordingly with their own conditions of use stated on the voucher itself.


All products and equipments have a warranty given by the producer.

Any anomaly detected associated with production should be communicated to Inlineout that will claim to the producer and replace the product in every case where the claim is accepted and made in the normal warranty period. In case the claim is accepted and the replacement of the original product is not possible by any reason, Inlineout will return the real money used for such purchase and credit any virtual Euros eventually used in that buy to the account card. If the claim is accepted all transportation costs will be assumed by Inlineout.

Any anomaly that results from the wrong usage of the products disrespecting its use instructions or if the product is used for a purpose different from the indicated, warranty claims will not apply.

Normal ware from product usage is not considered to be eligible for warranty claim. 

Warranty period starts from the date of invoice emission and invoice must be presented for any warranty claim.

Products and Equipments

Inlineout tries to describe all products and equipments available on the website. This description is based on the information it gets from the suppliers and on its opinion. The product descriptions must be considered as a guidance for product functionalities and do not constitute any scientific or exact description of the product. Different opinions may exist of the descriptions presented and Inlineout resigns to any responsibility that may occur over a different understating of the utilization of a certain product or equipment.

The photographs used are as close as possible to reality however differences to real product may occur namely on colors or sizes presented.


Climbing, mountaineering, work at height and all other outdoor sports and activities are intrinsically dangerous and can lead to serious or even fatal injuries. Suitable training is essential before using such techniques or practising such sports or activities. It is the customer sole responsibility to be technically competent to use any material supplied and Inlineout resigns to every eventual responsibility from accidents occurred when using products and equipments that have been sold by Inlineout.