Scooter Parts

If you want to build a custom scooter from scratch you are in the right place. Here you can find a whole range of scooter parts and accessories and push your creativity to the limit!

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  • Wheels


    Our scooter wheels include high quality cores with attractive designs embraced by different hardness grade materials and with varied colors. Pick up yours and glide in style!

  • Clamps


    Here you can find initiation scooter clamps and pro scooter clamps, scs clamps, hic claps and ics clamps. Choose from a variety of the best scooter clamps among all brands and different colours and finishes and make your scooter shine.

  • Pegs


    Scooter pegs are great as they can be used to develop new tricks and a more technical level of stunt scooter ridding. Here you will find a huge selection of scooter pegs from several scooter brands that you can adapt to initiation or stunt scooters.

  • Griptape


    Our complete selection of scooter grip tape includes pre cuts for specific brand scooter models and also cut to taste grip tape that can be adapted to any scooter brand or scooter model.

  • Handle Grip

    Handle Grip

    Here we have a complete range of scooter grips from the best brands. Amongst different scooter brands, different colours and sizes you will find the perfect grips for your scooter that will ensure the needed confidence to push your tricks further.

  • Brake


    Brakes are important for some scooter tricks and differ in shape and type. From spring activated brakes, to flex fender brakes that are assembled on the top part of the scooter deck, to bottom mounted flex fender brakes that are assembled at the bottom part of the deck we have a variety of models for beginner and stunt scooters that will allow you to chose your own style.

  • Headset


    No matter what type of scooter headset you are looking for it is clear for us that this is one of the most important parts of your scooter. If it’s not looked after, it can be damaged easily. Here at Inlineout we offer a range of threadless and integrated headsets so you can replace a damaged part or just improve your whole scooter headset system.

  • Bar


    The scooter bar is that one piece that will give you the needed confidence to push your limits. Here you can find a variety of scooter brands and their scooter bar models. Find your scooter bar amongst all available colors and dimensions and complete your scooter.

  • Deck


    Your personal style as a rider, your height and weight are key factors when selecting a scooter deck. Here at Inlineout we have a variety of scooter decks from different scooter brands where you can have access to the needed options that will allow you to make the right choice.

  • Fork


    Although all scooter forks serve the same function they can be very different technically and will determine the type of scooter headset and scooter compression system you will have on your scooter. This explains the great variety of models and systems that are present amongst the major scooter brands. Here at Inlineout we have wide range of forks that cover the need of every rider and also the

  • Other


    Here you will find every scooter accessory you may need namely scooter compression systems, scooters stands, scooter wheel axles, several spacers, scooter wheel bearings, wax and others.