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Slacklining is for women aswell!

For a sport that has its roots in the community of Yosemite climbers, and was spread to Europe by other climbers that had visited that same valley, it is easy to understand why this sport was, and continues to be, dominated by men. This is because slacklining was since the beginning connected to climbing, and basically the only way for it to reach other people was by the "passing the... Read more

Longlinning and the fever for the longest distance

It was the year of 2005 when the Austrian Heinz Zak walked 100 meters on a slackline for the first time in the history of the sport. That record stud up for quite a while until in 2007 the distance of 123 meters was reached by Damian Cooksey, a renowned American within the community that was also the first one to make a frontflip on a slackline. That record was broken by himself a... Read more

The History of Slacklining

Slackline, although it can be still considered as a new sport, has a great potential that can be seen on the growing number of people coming into the sport. But how as it started? In the beginning of the 80s, resident climbers from the Yosemite valley in the USA started balancing on chains, ropes and handrails, to burn time during rest days or bad weather when climbing was not... Read more