Stunt scooter wheels UrbanArtt S5 delivered

By Inlineout

Stunt scooter wheels UrbanArtt S5 delivered

Yesterday, Jose Pedro Lopes went into the store to get the S5 UrbanArtt wheels that he had won in our giveaway held on 11 April.

He took the opportunity to mount the wheels and make a small upgrade to its freestyle scooter Decathlon OXELO 7.2 Decathlon .

During assembly of the wheels we found that the original scooter pegs were already badly damaged and José chose to place new ones also from UrbanArtt in chrome color. He opted for Cutt model CrMo in Chrome steel to ensure higher durability.

For that special touch he also changed his hand grips for some blue one from Tilt, made in the USA and of unquestionable quality.

The end result can be seen in the attached photos and gets us a feeling that may be to come up a new custom made machine soon.

We extend our congratulations to José to have won this contest and remember all for a next opportunity that entering the contest is free and sometimes are lucky times ☺

New parts assembled: