Scooters are not only for small children

By Inlineout

Scooters are not only for small children

The truth is that when most people hear about scooters immediately make the association with children having fun on two wheels. As we all know the scooters are a gift very much appreciated by the little ones.

The fact that riding a scooter is a lot of fun may have given rise to the appearance of the freestyle scooters action sport, also known as stunt scooters or professional scooters.

Actually, these freestyle scooters have the same type of structure that scooters for children, however, they are completely different in design and in quality of its components that need to support large impact forces created during the stunts performed by athletes.

Today the sport of scooters is beginning to earn its place as an action sport equivalent to others. In fact there is a World Championship in progress that will have its final in Barcelona.

This championship is organized by the ISA (International Scooter Association) which is the association that currently represents the sport in the world and that has been working for its development.

So, the next time we look at a kid ridding a scooter we will see a toy that can contribute to the beginning of the practice of a true sport.