Pro Scooter Compression System / SCS (Standard Compression System)

By Inlineout

Pro Scooter Compression System / SCS (Standard Compression System)

The SCS compression system was invented and patented by Proto (link) and is considered the best and most reliable of all systems and is also the most expensive.

This format combines a compression system and a clamp in a single piece. Suppose that the bottom part is the compression system and the top is the clamp. We will refer to the system as an SCS clamp.

The SCS clamp joins inside the fork and handlebar. To mount the fork just slide it onto the bottom part of the scs clamp and tighten the compression washer against the top of the fork. This ring is based on an existing internal edge on the clamp and the fork should touch directly on the ring.The grip should be such that the system is fair and without play but that also allows the fork to turn without too much resistance. To complete the assembly of the scooter just slide the bottom of the bar into the top of the clamp, align the direction and tighten the outer screws tight but be careful not to grind the threads.

The advantages of this system are that it provides compatibility in terms of forks and handlebar to use, the removal of the longitudinal slit in the lower part of the handlebar which is always a weak point and that it absorb the forces directly.

There are scs clamps compatible with standard handlebars (external diameter 31.8mm) and oversize handlebars (external diameter 34.9mm) using a removable cylindrical spacer at its upper part to ensure this flexibility. The clamps that do not use this internal shim will only be compatible with standard handlebars. In any case, the handlebars cannot have the longitudinal slit in the lower part required for other systems.

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