Pro scooter competition and gathering in Lagos

By Gabriel Silva

Pro scooter competition and gathering in Lagos

Last Saturday, the 24th, I have been at a scooter jam in Lagos organized by local people and sponsored by Blunt.

It was my first event of this kind and it was a great experience as I met new riders and had the confirmation that the sport is evolving at a fast pace here in Portugal.

The first fase of the event consisted of a shared 3 rider run and I passed through to the finals with great comments from the judges. Next we had the best trick that unfortunately I could not land. On the afternoon, came the individual run that ran super well for me with an almost perfect consistency. To finalize we played a game of s.c.o.o.t. that I managed to win.

Overall I finished on the 1st place of the podium having ended the day on the best possible way.

This was undoubtedly an experience to take again on the next opportunity.