How does the Chilli Pro Scooters Spider HIC work?

By Inlineout

How does the Chilli Pro Scooters Spider HIC work?

German brand Chilli Pro Scooters has a new and patented system that allows you to transform your scooter compression system from HIC to SCS and vice versa.

So how does it work?

The Chilli forks in their natural form are ready to be assembled in a SCS system, with a SCS scooter clamp and a standard or oversize scooter bar, depending on the flexibility of the clamp.

To assemble the Chilli scooter forks into a HIC compression system first you need to pass the fork through the headtube and then assemble the Spider HIC. To do so, you have to slide the spider over the pre-open slots on the fork and adjust the legs onto the spacer supplied in the kit that you need to place over the top bearing of the headset. After this you have to screw the bolt into the fork to create the desired compression and you’re done. The scooter fork is now ready to receive a standard scooter HIC bar. You can follow all these steps on the cover image.

On the image bellow you can see a traditional system being used. The big disadvantage is that this system has to have a smaller diameter scooter fork that won’t work in a SCS system. Therefore, that is a closed system that will make any change you want to do more expensive.