DC Shoes vs Pro Scooters - We support scooters in skate parks

By Pedro Santos

DC Shoes vs Pro Scooters - We support scooters in skate parks

The extreme sports brand DC Shoes, has just released a promotional video where it fiercely attacks the sport of freestyle scooters. Wes Kremer starts the video saying that they "are going to declare war on scooters" and "erradicate all scooters from the skate parks".

It's an unfortunate posture and one that can not be understood within an healthy sports environment even more when their shoes are also suitable for stunt scooter ridding.

The struggle between park sports makes no sense and trying to make up a rivalry that goes beyond simple healthy competition among all riders of different sports is an act of irresponsibility and lack of moral ethics of a major brand.

From our point of view, the brands with the highest reputation are also the brands that have to embrace greater responsibility in the way they act and how they encourage behaviors in young people and in this case we clearly give a negative note to DC Shoes.

At Inlineout we strongly oppose such behavior and will continue to fight and contribute to the acceptance of the sport of stunt scooters in parks and for an equal treatment to other action sports like skateboarding, bmx and the inline.

This rivalry among the sports sponsored by DC Shoes has already begun to create a movement in the community of freestyle scooters. In instagram we can find several posts response such as this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BETBp_WO83L/

As an answer Inlineout will also disconsider to sell DC Shoes shoes in its store.

Sincerilly yours,
Pedro Santos - CEO & Co-founder
Inlineout - Pro Scooter Shop

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