Custom scooter with a AO Delta basis

By Inlineout

Custom scooter with a AO Delta basis

Yesterday we decided to build a custom pro scooter from a AO Delta Basis to add a different option to our stock.

We started by placing our own grip tape with superior grip all in black.

Then we added a pair of red S5 Urbanartt wheels and that basically set the color direction for this project.

After we looked at the headset cap and decided to change it for a red one from Titen as we thought gold would not suit this baby.

Carrying on this red and black direction we changed the original black hand grips for some Urbanartt Primo V2 ones in red.

To dial everything together we assembled a Raptor oversize HIC clamp in red.

The result can be seen on the photos and the total cost for the machine was set a only 179€.

Your opinions all welcome :)