Bouldering Competition of Paião

By Bruno Gaspar

On the 9th of November took place the bloudering competition for younger climbers from the FPME circuit. As usual the climbing community showed great interest and the number of participants was very good accounting for 55 contestants throughout the several echelons available.

The competition was held on the contest format throughout the elimination and divided into two one and a half hour slots. In each slot the organization set up 8 boulder problems of 3 difficulty levels. In this way, the athletes had the opportunity to separately try their strength, balance and coordination as the problems were set with this in mind. Overcoming this challenge gave 6 climbers in each echelon the opportunity to be in the finals.

As always the finals were very competitive and once more the athletes had to climb very different problems. There is no doubt that this enriched the whole event making the audience vibrate with the young climbers moves.

The Clube da Figueira da Foz, stated that the success of the event was not on the organization but on the efforts of athletes and their teams to be present, also saying that they simply tried to do their best in presenting new and creative boulder problems that could motivate climbers and also the audience to spend a great day of competition and fun.

The final results can be seen here.